🌍 Zürich, Switzerland 🇨🇭


I graduated in MSc. in Informatics by attending a double degree program between UniMiB (Milano) and USI (Lugano) in 2020. The Master's thesis work is a ML approach towards Computational Biology methods: Free-energy calculations using Graph Convolutional Networks.

I pursued BSc. in Informatics degree @ UniMiB in 2018 working on a Natural Language Processing thesis: Graph-based word sense disambiguation.

Professional experiences

I attented GSoC program in 2018 as Web Developer working for WikiToLearn 2.0 using technlogies like VueJS and Webpack.

I worked in the free time, while attending university, as a web developer using Laravel and Vue.

Now I'm working @ OperCredits (Zurich) as a DevOps Engineer.

Contact me

If you have any questions regarding some of my GitHub projects, WikiToLearn or about web design/development in general feel free to contact me.